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Get rid of a life's worth of trauma in 90 mins

Your search for pain relief ends here: Innovative and non-invasive therapy with proven results. Transform your life by finding the root of the pain in the first session. Join the 98.9% of satisfied patients and start your treatment today!

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When we find the root cause of the trauma, we allow for complete healing.

Often what would take months or even years to be discovered with traditional therapies, in a single Hipnaturo session, we already find the origin of your greatest pain and reframe it so that real healing can occur.

It's here that "magical" things happen with our patients who even report having canceled surgeries on the same day after a Hipnaturo appointment.

Complete healing

Physical pain

Complete healing

Emotional Trauma

Complete healing

Anxiety and Burnout


For people that are experiencing: 

Burnout or feeling of "overload"

If you are feeling overwhelmed, demotivated, and having difficulty relaxing all the time.

Physical symptoms of pain or discomfort

If you feel any type of muscle pain, joint pain or nerve pain, excessive headaches or nausea.

Excessive Worry

If you are constantly worrying about things that haven't happened even when everything is apparently under control.

Feeling of paralysis or anguish

Feeling of not wanting to do anything during the day, even if its pleasureful for no apparent reason. If you feel anguish at the thought of the "day after".

Difficulty sleeping

Insomnia, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating during the day at work or even just with family and friends.

Anxiety, fear, or deep sadness

If you get sudden bouts of fear and panic attacks that cause you chest pains and paralysis due to anguish that keep you from working or living your normal life.

The Secret Revealed: Quantum Transmutation.

Quantum Transmutation is a therapeutic approach that combines principles of quantum physics with holistic and integrative techniques to promote healing and balance in the individual. Based on the idea that everything is energy and that matter and consciousness are intrinsically connected, this methodology seeks to identify and transmute disharmonious energetic patterns, enabling profound reinterpretations and the promotion of overall health, encompassing body, mind, and spirit.



Everything starts with the correct and assertive identification of the root of the problem. Before embarking on the healing journey, it is imperative to understand exactly where the pains and blockages emanate from. Just as a doctor cannot properly treat a disease without a correct diagnosis, in Quantum Transmutation, this identification of the origin of the trauma ensures that the treatment is targeted and effective. It is the foundation upon which the entire process is built.



Once the trauma is identified, the next step is reframing. This is the moment to reframe and reinterpret the traumatic experience, replacing painful memories with more positive and healthy perceptions. By doing this, Quantum Transmutation not only minimizes the pain associated with the trauma but also empowers the individual to see their experience in a new light, one that promotes growth and resilience.



The brain is a remarkably adaptable organ, capable of restructuring itself in response to new experiences. Through neuroplasticity, Quantum Transmutation leads the patient to reshape and reconfigure brain connections, solidifying healing. This process strengthens new patterns of thought and behavior, replacing the old painful patterns. Thus, what was once a source of anguish becomes a source of strength and learning.

Integration of Ancient &
Modern Knowledge

Quantum Transmutation is not just a new approach, but a powerful synthesis of the oldest medical practices, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, with the most recent discoveries in quantum physics. This marriage between ancient wisdom and modern science offers the patient a deep and holistic understanding of their health. The integration of these knowledges allows a comprehensive view of the underlying causes of imbalances, not just on a physical level, but also mental and spiritual, promoting truly integrated and lasting healing.

Empowerment &

Unlike many traditional medical approaches that often treat the patient passively, Quantum Transmutation places the individual at the center of the healing process. Through this therapy, patients gain valuable insights into how past events and traumas have shaped their current health and learn to recognize and transmute harmful patterns. This journey of self-awareness and self-empowerment not only enhances the healing process but also empowers the individual to make conscious and healthy decisions in the future, cultivating a more balanced and harmonious life.

Deep & Transformational Healing

Quantum Transmutation is not limited to treating symptoms. It seeks to identify and address the emotional and energetic root of illnesses and imbalances. By doing so, it allows for a profound reframing of traumatic experiences and limiting patterns. This transmutation not only alleviates physical symptoms but also promotes mental and spiritual transformation, resulting in a renewed sense of peace, purpose, and well-being. By working on multiple dimensions of the human being, this approach ensures that healing is not just temporary, but a sustainable and evolving state of health and harmony.

Complete Realignment


A feeling of lightness and tranquility to better deal with challenging day-to-day situations and not feel overwhelmed by problems and conflicts. Take control of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings, avoiding excessive worries. Past traumas can be realigned and reinterpreted for you to feel light, fulfilled, and completely at peace.

Complete Realignment


The physical pains and discomforts that you feel today will simply disappear a few days after your consultation, almost like a magic trick. Chronic joint pains, muscle pains, high blood pressure, thrombosis, among others, have been completely realigned after a single Quantum Transmutation session. Surgeries have been canceled on the same day after just one session."

Complete Realignment


Being able to sleep more peacefully and wake up refreshed for daily activities, accompanied by a feeling of accomplishment and motivation generated by completing your day's tasks and feeling more valued, by yourself and by everyone around you. Money may start to flow into your life, incredible opportunities arise, and a sense that life is in your favor.

All you need is one session.

Your health, prosperity, and love are our priority.

Energetic Strengthening

After Quantum Transmutation Hipnaturo, you will feel an energetic revitalization almost as if you had taken a cold shower and activated all the cells in your body. You will feel more energy and enthusiasm to start exercising again, work more efficiently and motivated, and live life as you deserve.

Immediate Sensation of Relief and Renewal

Just as a musical instrument needs to be tuned to play harmonious melodies, our energetic body requires calibration. After Quantum Transmutation, many patients report an immediate sensation of lightness and renewal, as if a heavy burden was lifted from their shoulders.

Physical Healing

As incredible as it may seem, it is indeed possible to achieve physical pain healing through Quantum Transmutation. It's not just about spiritual or emotional well-being. The calibration and balance of energetic frequencies have direct implications on physical health. Patients have found notable improvements in chronic conditions, increased vitality, and even faster recovery from illnesses.

Becoming a Prosperity Magnet

By recalibrating energetic frequencies, Quantum Transmutation puts you in direct tune with the energy of abundance. This acts like a magnet to attract opportunities and resources that previously seemed out of reach. The technique identifies and dissolves subconscious blockages or limiting beliefs that have been barriers to your prosperity. By releasing these blockages, you allow a freer flow of positive and attractive energy in your life. Harmonized relationships can open unexpected doors to prosperity. Whether through business partnerships, networking, or friendships that bring opportunities, a balanced energetic state promotes more fruitful interactions with others.

Family Realignment

When your energy is calibrated and balanced, it doesn't just affect you. People around you notice, consciously or unconsciously. This can lead to more harmonious interactions, less conflict, and a deeper understanding in relationships, whether in a family, social, or professional environment.

Increased Libido and Romantic Attraction

By adjusting the body's energetic frequencies, Quantum Transmutation revitalizes your vigor and enthusiasm, making you feel more energized and willing. As a result, there is a tangible increase in libido, which translates into a more satisfying and active intimate life. With an optimized energetic balance, your personal aura becomes more luminous and attractive. This can act as a natural "magnet," attracting potential partners who are in tune with your energetic frequency, ensuring deeper compatibilities and more harmonious relationships.

Get to know some of your therapists

All our therapists are trained in the Quantum Transmutation® Method created by Hipnaturo, thus ensuring your safety and quality in each session. Meet some of our certified Hipnaturo Q.T Therapists below.

Anni Marçal

Co-founder and CEO of Hipnaturo Institute a creator of the Quantum Transmutation Theraphy Method.

Daiane Chaves

Certified Hipnaturo Therapist and Behavioral Analyst specialized in dependency and co-dependency cases.

Geovanna Teixeira

Certified Senior Hipnaturo Therapist

*If you are interested in becoming a Hipnaturo® Therapist or a Quantum Transmutation® Specialist to work with us or to work independently, click here and learn about our certification program and training.

Stop wasting years of your life sitting on a couch 'feeling heard' and let's cure your pain, forever. 

In a world where quick fixes are often sought, Quantum Transmutation stands out as a revolutionary approach in treating traumas and pains accumulated over the years. Imagine the possibility of freeing yourself from emotional burdens that have imprisoned you for decades, all in a single session.

While conventional therapies, undoubtedly, have their value and can take months or even years to resolve deeply rooted issues, Quantum Transmutation goes directly to the source of pain, allowing for almost immediate transformation and relief.

Choosing Hipnaturo® is not just an economical choice, by avoiding multiple therapy sessions, but also a decision that prioritizes your well-being and mental health. Instead of revisiting traumas repeatedly, trying to unravel layers of pain, this innovative technique offers a direct shortcut to healing, making it an especially attractive option for those seeking effective results in a short period of time. Give yourself the gift of rapid and profound release, choosing Quantum Transmutation as your ally in your journey towards healing.


How much does it cost?






*per session

  • 100% ONLINE

  • A sua sessão de terapia Hipnaturo® é feito 100% online via Zoom, Google Meet ou até mesmo por chamada de WhatsApp,


  • Se não encontrarmos a origem do seu trauma na primeira sessão, devolveremos o seu dinheiro.*


  • Muitas vezes o que levaria meses e até anos para ser descoberto com terapias tradicionais, em uma sessão Hipnaturo®, já descobrimos a origem da sua dor maior e ressignificamos ela para que a cura real possa acontecer ali mesmo na hora.

    Yes! I Want To Guarantee My Session
    Efficient Diagnosis of Your Pain

    There is nothing more frustrating than hearing a bunch of professionals give you a different diagnosis at every consultation and you continuing in the dark about the cause of your pain. Or worse, no one telling you anything and you never knowing why you feel this way. Here, you will know exactly why you feel this way and how to resolve it.

    Quick and Efficient Healing Power

    With the diagnosis made, it will be much easier and quicker to implement the treatment with Quantum Transmutation, which will literally transmute this pain so it never again causes you discomfort or suffering. It's so powerful that you will become a different person after your treatment.

    Results After the First Session

    You might be dealing with a localized physical problem like an ulcer and right after your treatment, find that not only is that problem gone, but you might unlock your financial potential or even start living a healthier life and begin losing a significant amount of weight. Even if you have tried everything before.

    Cheaper Than Taking Medication

    Continuing to take medication and paying for invasive treatments is expensive. Besides bringing you various negative side effects that are unnecessary. With Hipnaturo, you will never need to take medication again, once you are healed.

    Say Goodbye to Your Suffering,
    Heal For Real with Hipnaturo.


    What You Can Expect from Hipnaturo Therapy

    Often, what would take months or even years to be discovered with traditional therapies, in a single Hipnaturo® session, we already find the origin of your greatest pain and reframe it so that real healing can happen.

    It's here that "magical" things happen with our patients who report having even canceled surgeries on the same day after a Hipnaturo session.

    There is nothing like Hipnaturo®, and you will be amazed at how powerful the healing power within you is after you complete the first session.

    If you are tired of feeling pain and suffering, come and heal once and for all here at Hipnaturo.

    "Hipnaturo is the result of a lifetime's work in seeking to understand the human mind, the energetic influence on our bodies, and through ancient healing methods. I believe that Hipnaturo can revolutionize the healing and lives of millions of people who suffer needlessly today."

    Anni Marçal | Co-founder and CEO

    Practical and Safe Online Treatment

    The convenience of getting treatment online is that we can reach you, no matter where you are, without compromising the quality and effectiveness of the results of our method.

    Hipnaturo Iron-Clad Guarantee

    If we do not find the root cause of your trauma in the first session, we will fully refund the consultation fee.* We trust our method so much that, to this day, this has never happened.

    Personalized Care

    Your care is provided personally by one of our certified therapists. This ensures the quality of care and the safety of the patient.

    Welcoming and Care

    The T.Q.H Method (Hipnaturo Quantum Transmutation) requires personal care for the patient's health. Therefore, each therapist is properly qualified to attend to you.

    Privacy and Anonymity

    Hipnaturo® serves everyone from ordinary people to artists, celebrities, successful business people, and high-ranking government officials. It's important that you feel comfortable to seek the healing you deserve.

    Transformation and Trauma Liberation

    Often, what would take months or even years to be discovered with traditional therapies, in a single Hipnaturo® session, we already find the origin of your greatest pain and reframe it so that real healing can happen.

    Still wondering if Hipnaturo
    can heal your trauma?

    Our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

    We trust so much in the healing power of Quantum Transmutation and what can be achieved in a single Hipnaturo session that we are going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

    If we don't find the root cause of your trauma in the first session, we will refund 100% of the amount paid for the session.

    That's right.

    And what's more, to this day, we have never had to refund anyone's money.

    You have nothing to lose.



    Frequently Asked

    Make sure that all your questions are answered so that you feel great about your decision to get healing with Hipnaturo.

    What is this exactly?

    Hipnaturo provides solutions for healing focused on the proprietary T.Q.H. method. One of the services we offer is a kind of "Online Clinic" that enables virtual consultations to find the origin of the patient's pain and treat it through the Quantum Transmutation Method developed by Anni Marçal. Every malaise is the result of a biological imbalance that arises from a shocking or traumatic event, impacting both the body and the mind intensely and acutely, making it impossible for traditional medical treatments to fully find and cure the pain. Often, what would take months or even years to be discovered with traditional therapies, in a single Hipnaturo session, we already find the origin of your greatest pain and reframe it so that real healing can happen. It's here that "magical" things happen with our patients who report having even canceled surgeries on the same day after a Hipnaturo session. There is nothing like Hipnaturo, and you will be amazed at how powerful the healing power within you is after you complete the first session.

    What kind of results can I expect?

    The result varies from person to person since each one has a specific complaint/pain that bothers them. Often, patients come to a session believing one issue to be the problem and soon discover that the cause is actually something else. What we guarantee is that once you see, you will never be able to "unsee." This means that the journey you will have in your first session will act like a Butterfly Effect in your life and trigger and unlock various things that were until then stuck and tied up. As you continue with your treatment, you will evolve and improve all areas of your life.

    How do I schedule my session?

    To make your appointment, it is necessary to first make the payment for the session by clicking the button located on this page. After your payment is made, you will be automatically redirected to an online scheduling page with the nearest available times. It is important to note that it will not be possible to schedule a session with less than 2 days' notice due to the high demand we are experiencing. But rest assured that the available times will automatically appear for you, and someone from our team will contact you beforehand to inform you of all the details of your session.

    Who is the is treatment for?

    The treatment is suitable for anyone who has already tried any other form of conventional therapy and still feels emotional or physical pain. It is also recommended for those who have never tried anything and would like to understand how not to feel the weight they feel today. It is suitable for children over 14 years old up to the elderly.

    How many sessions do I need to see results?

    It will depend on you and your choice to continue on the journey of complete healing. There are many cases of patients who, right after the first session, feel such a significant positive turnaround in their lives that they wait 1 year to return. Other patients, with more severe cases of Schizophrenia, for example, needed more than 6 sessions to find a more complete cure. It varies from person to person. However, the most important thing is for you to have your first session to find the root of your pain. After that, we guarantee that nothing will be the same.

    why is this different from everything else?

    Discover the transformative power of Hipnaturo®! This non-invasive and revolutionary innovation promises pain relief and complete healing for all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, and psychological. Say goodbye to time-consuming conventional approaches and experience rapid and effective improvement, all thanks to our unique approach that treats the true origin of your problems.

    Is this online or in-person?

    All of our services at Hipnaturo are 100% online and virtual. It's a format similar to Telemedicine and provides ease of access for anyone in the world who wants to access Hipnaturo's revolutionary Quantum Transmutation method. This way, you will have direct access to the therapist during each session in the privacy of your home and at the convenience of your schedule.

    How do I pay for my session?

    All you have to do is click on the green button on this page and finalize your payment through Stripe® secure payment which is ultra-secure and protects your data.

    Get updates on our training and special discounts

    Revolutionize Your Life with Hipnaturo: An innovative, non-invasive treatment for pain relief and complete healing from the root of each patient's problem.
    Overcome the limits of conventional treatments and live a full life, free from pain.

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